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online meetings made easy

Once, not long ago, office space was considered an essential component for nearly every business. You’d fill it with desks, chairs, telephones, a fax machine and photocopier and then people, who’d arrive each day at 9am and leave by 6pm.

Most of us still utilise office space to some degree, but increasingly its role is shifting from essential to optional extra.

For the first time, powerful mobile devices, the cloud and social collaboration tools are enabling staff to step outside the traditional confines of office and desk. If colleagues need us, we can chat, share information and collaborate seamlessly, wherever we happen to be. This freedom gives businesses greater agility and offers staff a work-life balance that is no longer a nice perk but instead a given. As CITRIX Advisor and Partner, we hold the key to the future of your business.

For how long do you want to stress yourself organising meetings upon meetings, spending your hard-earned money entertaining guests? With just a click of your mouse, pressing your keyboards or playing with your phones at your own convenience, you can hold meetings, conduct trainings and seminars.

We can bail you out of such rigors!!!

Why not call on us today and lets work together to transform your business while at the same time making your bank account "fat" and your workers efficient and more productive.

The technology for online meetings has advanced to the stage where many organizations see them as a viable alternative to in-person meetings, conferences and other events. However, there are still concerns that online meetings don’t provide the same benefits as their in-person equivalents. The good news is that this doesn’t have to be an either-or proposition. Organizations, meeting planners and conference organizers can get the best of both worlds by combining virtual and in-person meetings.

Browse through the list of our products & services below:

  • GoToMeeting

  • GoToWebinar

  • GoToTraining

  • GoToMyPC



  • GoToAssist (Corporate)

  • GoToAssist (Desk Service)

  • GoToAssist (Remote Support)

  • GoToAssist (Monitoring)

  • GoToAssist (Express)

  • HiDef (Corporate)

  • ShareFile

  • OpenVoice

  • GoToManage

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